Major Project Ideas Development of Final Idea


The format that I plan to utilize is a short film structure.



February to May is the timeframe that we have been allocated.

The plan I have made is as follows:

W/C-20 Feb-Begin pre production stages

W/C-27 Feb-Attempt to get a script draft

W/C-06 Mar-Get a second draft done and finalize the pre production

W/C-13 Mar-Finalize script and complete any leftover pre production

W/C-20 Mar-Prepare for filming in the following weeks

W/C-27 Mar-Start and possibly finish filming

W/C-03 Apr-Finish off any leftover scenes and begin editing

W/C-10 Apr-Attempt to have a rough edit completed

W/C-17 Apr-Begin to put together the final edit

W/C-24 Apr-Finish the final edit

W/C-01 May-Make any last minute edit changes and write evaluation



Do an analytical discussion on hero’s and villains utilizing storytelling. Look into the various storytelling devices over the years and how it has developed our culture.


Idea Development and possible routes it could take

  • Explore how storytelling has helped to shape cultures over the years
  • Self referential discussion of storytelling



Possible character list

2 characters are confirmed for the short, these could include:

1 narrator

1 character that monologues

1 stereotypical depiction of a hero

1 stereotypical depiction of a villain




  • History books
  • Children’s Story’s
  • The Brother’s Grim Story’s
  • Legends and Cultural heroes
  • Plato
  • Storytelling devices
  • Birdman
  • Aristotle
  • Vladimir Propp
  • Homer’s Odyssey
  • The epic of Gilgamesh
  • Narrative and Genre, Nick Lacey
  • Introduction to Film, Nick Laceyémon-mewtwo-strikes-back39-is-much-better-than-we-thought-r491/



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